Butterfly Effect: Analysing current risks for a successful shift to a new reality

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A new and chaotic reality is upon us that is impacting every aspect of our lives. The impact on business is without precedence, especially in the Treasury Function. In this new reality, even the smallest market fluctuations have the potential to cause massive consequences. Faced with uncertainty, it is critical to react quickly and correctly in real time. A transparent view of economic trends and future developments from the Central Bank of Russia can ensure stability in financial processes

Banks must assess risks and deploy the correct countermeasures through the most effective and modern tools at their disposal, while also taking preventative actions using a combination of digital solutions and cooperation between different market players. One of the most important goals is also developing strategies to overcome the crisis to maintain and improve market position.

Banks that understand the needs, can learn the strategies and solutions at the Practical International ONLINE BANK TREASURY FORUM from MSB Events. This professional event will provide discussion and answers on topical issues. The event will feature the experience of the leading speakers and present engaging successful business cases to help you improve the effectiveness of treasury processes.

The conference will give you a chance TO:
  • Participate in the leading annual virtual meeting to learn about the main challenges and their solutions in this new reality
  • Analyse macroeconomic trends and prepare future development plans
  • Identify an understand the official position and plans of the Bank of Russia in response to current conditions
  • Dive deep into potential cooperation with the Corporate Treasury
  • Hear from European experts discussing the newest practices for liquidity management
  • Find approaches to smart interest rate management
  • Gain understanding and insight into the potential of cooperation between different banks
  • Evaluate possibilities of implementing new digital technologies for Treasury Function
  • Communicate online with the assembled experts and discuss questions directly in real time
  • Head/Director of ALM Department
  • Head of Liquidity Management
  • Head of the Securities Department
  • Head of FTP
  • Head of FI
  • Head of Risk Management
  • Banks
  • Financial Groups
  • IT Companies
  • Legal Companies
  • Consultants
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